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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Service By Olympus Garage Door Repair Garland TX

Garage Door Springs

A modern garage door depends upon a number of different systems and components in order for it to work properly.  If there are any problems with any of these different elements, then it will not work correctly. A set of very important components is the garage door springs.  These, along with the cables, are held under very high tension. They are designed to support the garage door and counterbalance it.  The “opener” motor is not strong enough on its own to open and close the garage door.  The counter balancing garage door springs and cables help support it. This makes it a lot easier for the opener motor to open and close the door. In time, the garage door springs could break. If this happens it could be serious.  The whole panel door could come crashing down. This is a danger to you, your vehicle, your family, family pets, and anyone else who could be underneath the garage door.

In the case of an emergency, you can contact Garage Doors Garland Texas. We offer you 24/7 service. Trained technicians will be there on the same day.  In most cases, the broken springs and/or cables will be replaced, and the garage door will be working the same day. There are two main types of springs–torsion, and extension.  Both are held under extreme tension. Only skilled and trained technicians should attempt to release and replace them.

Garage Door Springs Lifespan

Remember, garage door spring repair should be left to the experts.  If you attempt this on your own, they could fly out at you and this might result in a serious injury. There is a fixed life to all garage door springs.  This is due to work hardening.  All metals, when subjected to a force, will work harden.  The external molecular structure progressively changes each time the garage door opens and closes. There will be a very slight change in the springs.

They will steadily become more brittle.  The “springiness”  lessens. Then they break.  The action of opening and closing a garage door represents one cycle. Most garage door springs will break after 10,000 cycles. This may seem a lot, but if your garage door is used eight times a day, garage springs will start breaking in only three years. For a garage used  six times a day, this will take five years. If the garage is used four times a day, this will take seven years.  For someone who just opens and closes the garage door every day to go to work and back, the springs will start snapping in fourteen years. It is clear, therefore,  that if you use your garage door a lot, then the springs will start snapping fairly quickly.  This may  be the case for a large family that uses motor bikes, bicycles, and others,  along with the main motor vehicle.   Alternatively, you could be running a set of commercial garages that are constantly used.

Garage Door Springs
Garage Doors Springs Garland TX
Garage Door Springs garland

Olympus – The Best Garage Door Spring Repair Company

We at Olympus Garage Door Repair in Garland TX, also have another advantage . We can buy quality parts in bulk; and thus, keep our component prices to a minimum. These are Original Equipment Manufactured parts (OEM) .  We use the components, produced by the garage door manufacturers, which are designed for a particular type and make of garage door. You can, no doubt, go online and find equivalent parts, but  they will not be any cheaper or more reliable. They may not even be the correct part. Our garage doors springs, will have a longer “cycle” life as well. We have a very good working knowledge of each type of current garage door manufacturer. If you have an older model of garage door that is now out of production, we will be able to repair your garage door with the right components.

After any garage door spring repair work, we can follow up with a return visit to check everything is OK.  We also do not have any hidden charges or added extras in our bills. Again, for anyone who is very busy and does use their garage doors a lot. It would make a lot of sense to contact us in Garland TX for more  information on the maintenance services we provide. There are also a number of other important systems that will require regular maintenance and repair. These include the rollers, hinges and tracking, the “opener” systems, and the maintenance of external garage door panels. All are important.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Along with garage doors springs, the rollers and their associated hinges, plus the tracking used by the rollers, will need regular maintenance and repair. Rollers help the smooth running of the garage panel door, when it is opened and closed. They are usually made from either steel or nylon.   These can wear out, get chipped, and damaged. Each roller has a matching hinge. We recommend that we conduct   close inspection of it twice a year. If the rollers are damaged, then both the rollers and the hinges will need to be replaced.

It is a good idea to start a monthly maintenance check. With the roller system, you may start to see unevenness in movement; there could be an increasing background noise. If you have any doubts or worries, call us immediately at Olympus.   We can send skilled and qualified technicians to check if there are any developing problems.  Replacement rollers and hinges may have to be made.  It could be that the hinges need tightening up with a wrench, or the tracking has become buckled or bent.  It could simply be filled with debris; and therefore, we will clean it. Another system that uses mechanical parts is the Opener. The drive mechanism that is used to open the garage door is usually a belt  or chain drive.  Bolts and fittings will require regular tightening up with the correct wrench.  The moving parts will need to be lubricated regularly.  This is just part of the services we offer.