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Garage Door Repair Garland Texas has been providing expert and exceptional garage door repair services in Garland, Texas since the day it started running. The best garage door opener, springs, and rollers are made available for your needs. We value your time and effort in reaching us to address your concerns. When you call Olympus, your urgent call will definitely be answered by our friendly customer service operator. We will then schedule your appointment at that very instance. An on-the-day garage door repair service is also available when you need it.

We have been providing Garland Families with professional and excellent garage door repair and services. You can give us a call anytime of the day since we operate 24/7. We can immediately walk you through all the choices to help you find that perfect garage door fit. We can provide you anything you want when it comes to garage door opener, rollers, springs, and other garage door parts, since we work with the top manufacturers. Working around your way in fixing garage doors can be very dangerous; especially when you are dealing replacements of old parts. Hence, it is good that you seek the advice of experts. Olympus specializes in this kind of field. We have exceptional garage door experts and offer low-cost budgeted services. We offer 24/7 service to address your daily needs. Contact us if you need our services, and we will never let you down. As stated, your time and efforts are our company’s top priority.

Things To Know When Buying a Garage Door Opener

When buying your garage door openers, it is important that you know the 3 types of openers. This information will help you in the process. Chain Driven Openers, Belt Driven Openers, and Screw Driven Openers are the 3 types. The Chain driven opener is normally the most widely used opener. It is the most reliable among the rest. This drive runs your doors on the garage door tracks with the use of a durable metal chain. It is slightly cheaper as opposed to belt driven openers. However, chain drive openers tend to create a noise; thus, when your place is located adjacent to the main rooms, you should not purchase this kind of opener. Chain driven openers are highly recommended for those who want to save.

As for belt driven openers, this drive is regarded to be the best type of opener in the garage door industry. The reason for this is that belt driven openers are reliable and at the same time, virtually silent. It costs a few cash and runs on a steel-enforced belt. But if you have a garage that is near the main rooms, you will never be bothered by the shrieking noise. On the other hand, screw driven openers are typically used in areas where the temperature and weather is constant throughout the year. This type of opener uses a lifting device that functions on a steel rod instead of a rubber or chain belt. Thus, if you have shifting temperature throughout the year, this opener is not advisable.

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Best Garage Door Opener Components

Every part of your garage door has standard components. For the garage door opener, these are the remotes, manuals, security lights, and rail segments. Wall-mounted keypads or buttons and remotes open your door. The manual release gives you the know-how on disengaging the opener when you are inside of your garage. It allows you to manually raise and lower your garage doors. The security lights on your garage doors should activate every time you turn it on and shall automatically deactivate after a span of minutes. Rail segments are characteristically sized for a 7-feet tall garage doors; hence, rail segments are not advisable for garage doors with a size of lower than 7 feet.

Apart from the standard components, you should also consider looking through other features. You might as well check if the purchased garage doors include a miniature keychain remote, locks, home-automation system, smart-device compatibility, built-in Wi-Fi, Auto-close functionality, vehicle compatibility, battery backup, stop motors, rail extensions, and motion sensing security lights. Your home-automation system allows you to have direct control of the opener. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you to connect with the opener directly through a wireless network. It allows you to operate your openers from a mobile app downloaded to your mobile device. As for the smart-device compatibility, make sure that it includes an optional accessory, preferably those that are built in to the device. Stop motors, otherwise known as soft-start, reduces the wear and tear of your opener. It also makes the raising and lowering of your doors quieter.

Tricks In Dealing With Your Garage Doors

When the power goes out and you need to go somewhere, the best thing to do is to look for a cord that is dangling down the garage door track. You can manually override it and open the doors. For frozen garage doors, you should check out its settings. A lot of garage doors nowadays are manufactured with pressure adjustments. Thus, you can change the settings so as to raise and lower the doors. On the other hand, when you have sagging garage doors, you can square those openers using a tension rod and positioning it on the back of your garage door. If your garage door does not include a tension rod, you can purchase one at home centers.

The most common problem is when you cannot lock your garage doors. What you need to do is to re-align the two horizontal bars located in the center of your doors. Once it is realigned and repositioned, your doors will open smoothly. Although there are some tricks and tips, there are bigger problems which you cannot solve. If you can, there are still solutions, which when performed incorrectly, can cause severe injury. Even though you have the best garage door openers, there are still instances when you will encounter glitches or malfunctions; thus, if you need your openers, rollers, springs, and other parts of the garage door fixed or installed in Garland, Texas, then give Olympus Garage Door Repair a call.