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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Service By Olympus Garage Door Repair Garland TX

Garage Door Maintenance

It is a common mistake of many people to refuse or be passive in availing of services to fix or maintain their garage doors. Most garage doors here in Garland, Texas are either outdated or heavily damaged. It is a huge mistake to be negligent just because your garage door is still able to function. The only time people seek our professional garage door services is when their garage door breaks. You are then sure to spend hundreds of dollars for new installation which can be avoided by simple garage door repairs and replacements. So we encourage everyone to seek out professional help in maintaining their garage doors. If you can’t find a service provider in the internet, make it easy for yourself and give us a call. Garage Door Repair Garland TX is the best garage door service provider in Garland, Texas. Olympus provides all four categories of service: repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. 

Olympus started in the early 2000’s and remains active up to these days. We have been growing every passing year. Our business hours are 24/7, all year long. So no matter what time or date it is, if you need our services, then you will be attended to. Maintenance service is really the general service. We provide repairs, replacements, and installations to make sure your garage door is in good shape and well- maintained. The key to successful maintenance jobs is mastery over the structure of the garage door (no matter what type) and all of its parts. Our team of professionals are capable of determining the problem with your garage door in just minutes. We can determine damages and malfunctions even if it is coming from the internal parts.

Garage door maintenance service process

How does a garage door maintenance service work? It’s simple. Our team goes to your property to check on the current state of your garage door. We check all parts by disassembling the panels, checking the power supply (if your garage door is operated by a motor), and making sure that all the hinges and screws are well- fitted. The most common origin of malfunction with garage doors is the garage door rollers. These parts are the wheel mechanism that supports the garage door’s weight as it is lowered or raised. Our maintenance service includes the testing of the garage door. If the garage door makes a squeaky annoying noise, then something is wrong with your rollers. Then we decide if your rollers need lubrication or track alignment. If the problem can’t be resolved with repairs, then we need to replace your rollers with new ones.

Maintenance job is the initial part for every service. We can’t just dive right in and start providing repairs if we don’t know what the problem is with your garage door. It is tough, especially with big garage doors in terms of size and weight. We can’t afford to overlook anything because a small problem with a single part can result to the other parts malfunctioning.

Garage Door maintenance
Garage Doors maintenance Garland TX
Garage Door maintenance garland

Importance of garage door maintenance

If you’re having second thoughts of availing our services and decide to do the job yourself, then you are making a mistake. Although, we do encourage our customers to learn a thing or two about their garage doors so they can provide the repairs themselves. Just make sure to leave the major garage door maintenance service/s to the professionals. Most of the garage door parts are heavy and made out of metallic material. For example, the garage door springs. This is a high tension part. Handling this part is dangerous if you’re not capable of removing it from the track properly or if you don’t have safety gears on. You can end up injuring yourself or those people around you.

Maintaining your garage door is also a way to improve your home security. Think about it, a weakly structured garage door is easy to disassemble. That makes it easy for robbers to break in. Prolonging the problem will put your family at risk. It will only cost you a few bucks when you avail for our services. Now what will it be? The safety of your family or a few dollars? We are serious about this and reports of property crimes are accurate. We don’t want you and your family to be part of another crime statistics. Take action now and take it with us. We assure you that robbers will think twice before they try to break in your property. We will put them at risk. Either they fail and go home empty- handed or be caught by the law and spend some time behind bars.

Who needs garage door maintenance service?

Getting in touch with Olympus Garage Door Repair is easy. You can either visit our office in Garland or get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for questions and service requests. Our support representatives are also knowledgeable in providing information about garage doors and their maintenance. We also monitor our email daily and we accept email requests. However, we will prioritize walk-ins and phone call requests. So better give us a call.

If you’re worried about spending a lot, then worry no more. The garage door maintenance service/s we provide are always affordable. We will even include a budget breakdown with all the lists of supplies purchased. This eliminates further questions and confusion after each garage door service. So please, avail of the necessary services to make sure your garage door is well- maintained. You are in charge of making sure that your family is safe and secured. We also provide our services to commercial properties. We are in the middle of expanding our garage door maintenance services. Pretty soon, Olympus will be recognized all over Texas. This is more than just a business or a hobby. This is our social responsibility to the people, not oy here in Garland, but from all over. Olympus will continue to grow and provide the best garage door services for many more years to come. We hope to hear from you soon.